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Graphis 32, 1950


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Format: Magazine
Designer/s: Jacques Nathan-Garamond
Year: 1950
Client/Publisher: Graphis Press
Size: 235mm x 300mm
Content includes:
Christian Berard (Boris Kochno)
Value and Standing of the Postage Stamp (F.H. Ehmcke)
Loterie Nationale (William B. McDonald)
Swiss International Lottery (McDonald)
Christmas and New Year’s Cards
Olga Siemaszko (Jan Lenica)
Art in Rome (Georgine Oeri)
P. Fix-Masseau (Waldemar George)
Margrit Linck. Pottery
Hans Falk: Spanien/Marokko
A Statement on Modern Art. Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum and Boston Museum of Contemporary Art
Eine Erklarung uber moderne Kunst