Publimondial 9, 1947


Content includes:
Can Home Advertising suit the Export Trade? by Maurice Guigoz
Jack Roberts and the Propaganda for France in Great Britain by Paul Baratle
Jean Colin, French artist. by Picart-Le-Doux
Luxury, a French Ambassador. by B. C.
The graphic Art at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs by B. C.
Commercial Art and Fine Art by Paul Smith
Humoristic Advertising by Paul Smith
Exhibition Stands must be “Publicity minded” by R.-L. Dupuy
The stands at the Bale Exhibition, Swiss poster at Bale Exhibition by W. Haymann
Record Business Boom, Pierre and Vera Székely., The Name P. K. Z. by Ernst Lehner
United Nations Poster Awards by E.-L.
An original form of Art., A new proceeding : Le Phototrait, Holiday and Travel. Window Display ,Advertising for dentifrice by O. v. T.

Publimondial 9, 1947. Cover design by Paul Ternat
Publimondial 9, 1947. Cover design by Paul Ternat

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