Publimondial 17, 1949


Content iIncludes:
Avant-Props. Introduction.
he XVIIIth Aviation Exhibition by Roger-M. Chevevard
Collective Publicity In Support Of Air Freight by Pierre-M. Klein
Delarue-Nouvellière, Designer For Humoristic Advertisements by André Blin
France’s Wings, Support Of Its Advertising by Publimondial
Trans World Airline by J.-M. Le Mer
British European Airways Policy, Sabena by P. M., K. L. M. by Georges Martina, S. A. S. by J. M.
Compagnie Générale Transatlantique by J.-C. Merle
United States Lines by George-A. Mathieu
Les Chemins De Fer Suisses- The Swiss Railways by S. Blaser
Canadian Pacific by P.-M. Canada
Affiches De Transport- Transport Posters by F.-M. Giudicelli
Routes Et Panneaux – Roads And Panels by Serge Bromberger
L’étalage – Displays by Émile-Louis Borne
Publicité Mondiale – The Advertising World

Publimondial 17, 1949. Cover design by E Lancaster
Publimondial 17, 1949. Cover design by E Lancaster

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