Ottagono 27, 1972. Designed by Unimark

Ottagono 27, 1972


Content includes:
Guido Ballo – Sculptures in the street
Silvio Coppola – New environments within old walls
Luigi Massoni – This is future but human wooden house
Dario Caimi and Franco Asnaghi – Apartment in the hills, Offices open with standard furnishings
Giorgio Parodi – Representative areas in the offices of a industry
Paolo Crescini – Conference room
Cini Boeri – White and gray for an exhibition renewed
Studio S.M.C. – American bar
Pier Carlo Santini – Young architecture studios in Florence
Renato Bazzoni – Architecture cards, When tourism comes in a quiet southern country (and elsewhere)
Grazia Gamberoni – Books and magazines
Bruno Munari – Compasso d’Oro to Ignoti, News and design innovations
Gianfranco Frattini – Modular and modular
Vittorio Mazzucconi – Positiv
Rolf Heide – A system for the living room
Achille Castiglioni – A lamp: inside or outside
Vico Magistretti – Multi-position light
Pier Luigi Spadolini – Modular with two elements
Marco Zanuso – For lunch

Direction: Sergio Mazza
Editing: Giuliana Gramigna
Collaboration: Grazia Gamberoni
Graphics: Unimark
Photographs: Abbrescia, Anghinelli, Ballo, Basil, Bazzoni, Bucker, Carrieri, Casali, Cattaneo, Colombo, Masera, Mulas, Professional Photo, Salvati, Vercelloni, Zabban.
CO.P.IN.A. s.r.l.

Ottagono 27, 1972. Designed by Unimark
Ottagono 27, 1972. Designed by Unimark

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