Ottagono 22, 1971


Content incudes:
Watch out for kitsch
Giancarlo Pozzo – Open office proposal
Carlo Bassi and Goffredo Boschetti – In Ferrara
Leonardo Ferrari – A space to live in
Antonio Piva – Blue and silver, So from America
Mario Marenco – Four cushions for one seat
Robert Propst – Action Office 2, A little bit of tubing and a lot of research
Ettore Vitale – Showcase as a signal, Testing and production
Silvio Coppola – Everyone at the fair with the most beautiful dress
Pier Carlo Santini – Costantino Dardi
Marco Romano – The house problem, Architecture cards, Design news
Grazia Gamberoni- Books and magazines, A working group, Screen printing and graphic design
Aldo Montù – Nature and geometry
Guido Ballo – Aspects of the informal
Bruno Munari – Authority today

Direction: Sergio Mazza
Editing: Giuliana Gramigna
Collaboration: Grazia Gamberoni
Graphics: Unimark
Photographs: Ardessi, Ballo, Basilico, Bassi, Crabb, Porters, Fortunati, Fotoservice, Masera, U. Mulas, Publifoto, Sponga, Studio 22,
CO.P.IN.A. s.r.l.
Printing: Poligrafico Colombi S.p.A –

Ottagono 22, 1971. Designed by Unimark
Ottagono 22, 1971. Designed by Unimark

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