International Poster Annual – 1950


The first issue of the INTERNATIONAL POSTER ANNUAL was highly praised in letters from the trade, in reviews and press criticism, and
has won a place in the attention and appreciation of international experts. Compiled, designed and edited by W. H. Allner, this second edition again assembles a striking collection of posters by over 200 artists and designers, representing 15 different countries. An indispensable supplement
to the INTERNATIONAL POSTER ANNUAL 48–49, this new volume presents more than 400 carefully selected posters – 19 in full color – from every domain of the art. It is a comprehensive survey of poster art throughout the world and constitutes a stimulating and useful reference work for artists, art
directors, advertising directors, editors, printers, art students, art teachers, and others.
Articles and commentaries by Fougasse C. K. Bird (England), Jacques Nathan (France), Jan Lenica (Poland), Charles T. INTERN Coiner (U.S.A.), Mildred Constantine (U.S.A.).
Text and captions in English, French and German.

International Poster Annual - 1950. Designed by Walter Allner
International Poster Annual – 1950. Designed by Walter Allner

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