Idea 304, 2004-5


Special Feature : Alexander Gelman Special Project, Art direction and Design
Getty Images Special Project – What changes?What stays?
Text and Concept: Lewis Blackwell Design: Chris Ashworth
Anna Gerber “Slogans”
IDEA introduce Anna Gerber’s essay – A collection of thoughts on chance, mistakes and the unpredictable and her 12 pieces work of “Slogans”.
Revival of Tsukijitai the classic Japanese typeface
Interview with Hiroshi Komiyama
When Pigs Design Vol.26 by Kyoichi Tsuzuki
Typography Review vol. 4
Shinro Ohtake Original Serial Poster Part 7

Idea 304, 2004-5. Alexander Gelman Special
Idea 304, 2004-5. Alexander Gelman Special

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