Idea 172, 1982-5


Cover Illustration: Murray Tinkelman
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Noboru Sakamoto
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake

Content includes:
Works of Richard Seireeni by Takenobu Igarashi
Terror of Being Afraid of Nothing: Kazuya Takaoka’s Art Direction by Shigesato Itoi
Bill Brown & Associates by Takenobu Igarashi
Works of Murray Tinkelman by Shinichiro Tora
Feature 1: Van Sambeek & Watano, 1966-1981 by Shigeru Watano, Will van Sambeek
Design Process, Olivetti 1908-1978 by Editors
The 19th APA Exhibition
Feature 2: Fred Otnes’s Collages by Shinichiro Tora
Ettore Sottasass Jr.
The story of a school by Dr. Robert L. Leslie
Marilyn Hoffner, New Yorker Art Director by Interviewer: Midori Imatake
Visual Design Art of 66th NIKA Exhibition
1981 Hamilton King Award
Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame

Idea 172, 1982-5. Cover design by Murray Tinkelman
Idea 172, 1982-5. Cover design by Murray Tinkelman

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