Graphis 79, 1958


Content includes:
Hans Fischer (Dr. Adolf Max Vogt, Zurich)
Artistic Textbooks – an Educational Need (Alice Hugelshofer –Reinhart, Zurich)
English Slate Headstones (S. Hickson, London)
Sine (Hans Pflug, Zurich)
Richard Erdoes. Visual Presentation – a Challenge to the Designer(Stanley Roberts, London)
Brucke. The Fathers of German Expressionism (Lothar-Gunther Buccheim, Munchen)
Erik Nitsche. The Graphic Face of a Dynamic Corporation (Suzanne Burrey, New York)
Artists’ Greeting Cards (K. Taylor, Zurich)
Australian Bark Paintings (C.P. Mountford, Adelaide)
Paul Hogarth. From his China Sketch Book (C. Rosner)

Graphis 79, 1958. Cover design by Siné.
Graphis 79, 1958. Cover design by Siné.

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