Graphis 54, 1954


Content includes:
Pierre Gauchat (Robert S. Gessner)
Recent Examples of Christmas & New Year’s Greetings Cards (Willy Rotzler)
Bertram A. Th. Weihs (W.J. Rozendaal)
Enid Marx (C.G. Tomrley)
Club Francais du Disque (William B. McDonald)
Pierre M. Comte
A.F. Arnold (Robert L. Leslie)
Nation’s Business (Richard Erdoes)
Jacques Houplain/Bernard Buffet. Two Young French Graphic Artists (Raymond Cogniat)
Codex Anicae Julianae. The Earliest Illustrated Herbal (William T. Stearn)
French Caricatures of the 16th Century (Jean Adhemar)
Salon des Arts Menagers, Paris 1954 (Francois Stahly)

Graphis 54, 1954. Cover design by Bertram
Graphis 54, 1954. Cover design by Bertram

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