Graphis 36, 1951


Content includes:
The New Landscape (Gyorgy Kepes)
The Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago. (Burton Cherry)
Donald Brun (Georgine Oeri)
Bally Museum. Old Graphic Art devoted to the Shoe (Wilhelm Sulser)
Poster Art in Hungary (Charles Rohonyi)
Berlin propagandises the Poster (F. Wills)
Marshall Plan. Design in the Service of European Cooperation (Francois Stahly)
Tapio Wirkkala and his glassware (Willy Rotzler)
Non-commercial advertisements (AEA) William B. McDonald)
Teo Otto: Nie wieder.(Werner Schmalenbach)
Cut-outs (Fritz Griebel)
The Changing Background of the Poster (Charles Rosner)

Graphis 36, 1951. Cover design by Donald Brun

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