Graphis 24, 1948. Cover design by Pablo Picasso

Graphis 24, 1948


Content includes:
Picasso: Illustrations to the Sonnets of Gongora (Hans Naef)
The Art Directors Club of New York: 27th Annual National Exhibition of Advertising Art (1948) (P. Smith)
The Ornament of the Book of Kells
Catalog Design – New Field for Visual Communication(K. Lonberg-Holm/Ladislav Sutnar)
Fred Chance (C.F.O. Clarke)
Doeve. (A. Glavimans)
Poster Art in Post-War Poland (Jan Lenica)
Chinese Paper-Cuttings (Joseph Kalmer)
Raissa Maritain: Chagall ou l’orage enchante (J.P.S.)
Paul Eluard:Voir (J.P. Samson)
Honegger-Lavater. (Georgine Oeri)
The Display Window as a Sign of the Times (G.Oeri)
Schaefer-Ast (Herbert Sandberg)
Culture and Education in World Order. (Herbert Read)

Graphis 24 1948
Graphis 24, 1948. Cover design by Pablo Picasso

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