Graphis 103, 1962


Content includes:
Dr. H. Hugelshofer, Zürich: The Art Directors Club of New York. 41st Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Arts 1962
Manuel Gasser, Zürich: Georges Braque, Three New Examples of Book Art
Hans Pflug, Zürich: Alain F. Le Foll
Charles Rosner, London: Paul Hogarth
Raymond Cogniat, Paris: Shalom of Safed. An Israeli Watchmaker Paints Biblical Stories
Matti Viherjuuri, Helsinki: A Finnish Poster Compeptition
Ch. B.: The Contemporary Film Poster
N. Weinstock, Basel: Fourth International Cartoon Film Conference
Dr. Herbert W. Franke, Herrsching: New Realms of Form
Edwin Wenger, Zürich: A sun Monument
W.J. Sandberg, Amsterdam: The International Center for the Typographic Arts

Graphis 103, 1962. Cover design by Pino Tovaglia.
Graphis 103, 1962. Cover design by Pino Tovaglia.

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