Graphis 100, 1962


Content includes:
Armin Kesser, Zürich: Global Distribution of the Sun Cultures
Armin Kesser, Zürich: Solar Symbolism among Ancient Peoples
William B. McDonald, London: Christian Sun Symbols
Prof. Dr. G. F. Hartlaub, Heidelberg: The Sun in the Sign-Launguage of Alchemy
August Kaiser, Basel: The Sun in Popular Art Customs
Réne Creux, Lausanne: At the Sign of the Sun
Prof. Dr. Karl Schütte, München: Sundial from the 13th to the 18th Century
Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zürich: The Sun in Advertising and Applied Art
Enrichette Eitter, Milano: Piero Fornasetti and His Suns
Manuel Gasser, Zürich: Antonio Frasconi: A Book of Many Suns
Henri Guillemin, Bern: The Sun in Jean Lurçat’s Work
Dr. Reinhold Hohl, Basel: The Sun in Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
Irene Rigassi, Zürich: Chid and Sun

Graphis 100, 1962. Cover design by Antonio Frasconi
Graphis 100, 1962. Cover design by Antonio Frasconi

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