Gebrauchsgraphik, 5, 1970


Content includes:
Sigwart Blum – Illustrations of Dante\’s \”Divine Comedy\”, by Carlos Alonso, Argentina
Horst Heiderhoff – Typomundus, World of Typography, ICTA, Documentation No.20
Volker Duvigneau – Hohlwein-Posters from 1906 to 1914
J.J. de Lucio-Meyer – The Eurostar Awards for packaging, 1969
Hans Kuh – Programmed graphic art, designs by Hans-Dieter Schrader
Erich Pfeiffer-Belli – Stage-Sets and Figurines by Roman Weyl
Jorg Lampe – Applied Photography, works by Friedemann Hett
Theodor Hilten – The Corporate Identity of the Dutch Chemical Combine DSM

Gebrauchsgraphik, 5, 1970
Gebrauchsgraphik, 5, 1970

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