Form, No.3, December 1966


Content includes:
Charles Biederman A note by Victor Pasmore
Nature and Art by Charles Biederman
Sphere and Cube by Charles Biederman
Art and Motion by Charles Biederman
Letter to Michael Wilson
The Electrical-Mechanical Spectacle by El Lissitzky
Poems by lan Hamilton Finlay
Les Ducreux by Robert Pinget
Phonic poetry
1: Ernst Jandl
2: Paul de Vree
3: Kenneth Robinson
Great Little Magazines: No. 3, ‘G’
Introduction by Hans Richter
W W PBD by Kurt Schwitters
Logically consistent Poetry by Kurt Schwitters
Elementary Formation by Theo van Doesburg
Film from Idea to Applause by Miklos Bandi
Industrialised Building by Mies van der Rohe
The Office Building by Mies van der Rohe

Form, No.3, December 1966
Form, No.3, December 1966

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