Form, No.2, September 1966


Content includes:
Le Parc and the Group Problem by Frank Popper
The ‘Reflected Light Compositions of Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack by Basil Gilbert
Letter from Hirschfeld-Mack to S. Lawder
A Little Night Music by Charles Tomlinson
For or Against a Structuralist Aesthetic ? by Gillo Dorfles
Introduction to a Modern Portrait by Mike Weaver
Emanuel Romano by William Carlos Williams
Great Little Magazines: No. 2, ‘Blues’
‘George Hugnet’ by Gertrude Stein
‘Sonnet’ by Parker Tyler
London letter from Sidney Hunt
San Francisco letter from Kenneth Rexroth
‘Are Poem’ by Charles Henri Ford
‘July 5th 1929’, by Sidney Hunt
‘Can the Poet Change the World ?’ by Gottfried Benn & Johannes R. Becher

Form, No.2, September 1966
Form, No.2, September 1966

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